Welcome to Hey Nice Tie!!

Hey, Nice Tie!

I started Ugly Tie Tuesday as a blog to showcase my Ugly Ties that I wear on a monthly basis in 2011. Things have progressed into more of the bigger picture of neckwear. I am posting all kinds of bow ties and neckties, and changed the name to Hey, Nice Tie!

UTT still happens and it will be a feature here along with many other themes: Neckwear in TV, Film, advertising, brands, makers, fabrics, novelty, etc.

So, yeah...NECKWEAR!

Thanks for stopping by

-Andrew Galante

Necktie of the Day #8: How to Tie a Tie, Tie

Another gem found on Perpetual Kid and from the makers of cool stuff Fred comes the instructional necktie!  We all have seen the “how to tie a tie” jpeg floating around the interwebs and it was only a matter of time that someone made this happen.

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