Welcome to Hey Nice Tie!!

Hey, Nice Tie!

I started Ugly Tie Tuesday as a blog to showcase my Ugly Ties that I wear on a monthly basis in 2011. Things have progressed into more of the bigger picture of neckwear. I am posting all kinds of bow ties and neckties, and changed the name to Hey, Nice Tie!

UTT still happens and it will be a feature here along with many other themes: Neckwear in TV, Film, advertising, brands, makers, fabrics, novelty, etc.

So, yeah...NECKWEAR!

Thanks for stopping by

-Andrew Galante



Awesome News: The Internet is Bringing Reading Rainbow Back

LeVar Burton raised nearly 2 million dollars on Kickstarter in one day. He will be bring back Reading Rainbow to the masses of kids who should be motivated and excited about read. Guys, we made Geordi cry tears of joy. Yay internet!

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Last night on #CONAN: #EllenPage backstage. #XMen (at Warner Bros Stage 15)